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Creating the right content can be the difference between having a successful social media presence and a nonexistent social media presence. That being said, what kind of content should you be creating?

First and foremost, we at Chariot Media Marketing believe in having a diverse set of content to share with our audience. This includes, but isn't limited to pictures, videos, animations, articles, blogs, and shared posts from other related sources.

For years, the amount of time people have been spending watching video has gradually increased and why not? It takes much more concentration to read than it does to watch a video and you wind up getting tired quickly or bored. With a video, more than one of your senses are engaged which keeps you more focus. On top of that, video has more entertainment value than a standard blog post or picture.

One of the main reasons why people are on social media is to be entertained. Pictures can help you do that, however if you're going for duration of engagement, then video is the way to go.

Databox did a study and found that 59.3% of the time, video will drive more clicks for a Facebook ad than an image which only got 29.6% of the time.

The benefits of pictures are they are quick and easy to create, but engagement can be limited. If you make a video, they take a little more time to make but the engagement is greater compared to a picture. Now, you may be concerned that creating a video will take a lot of work. Let's dispel that concern right now.

First, all you need is a camera phone and something to video record. Next, there are a number of free apps which you can use to doctor up your video like InShot. If you're worried about it looking like a professionally recorded commercial, don't be because people are looking for a genuine and organic feel to your content. Obviously do the best you can, but if it's a little rough around the edges, it gives the video a more natural look.

So maybe at this point you are coming around to the idea of creating a video for your social media, but you may be wondering, “How long should it be?”. That's a very excellent question because you don't want to make it too long or dangerously short and risk not getting your point across. People's intention spans are shrinking but at the same time, they want to be entertained for as long as possible. That being said, it'd be worth your time to research the average amount of minutes people are watching videos for on each platform.

For instance, Facebook videos usually perform best if you have it less than two minutes, but some exceptions can be made for five minute videos. Instagram has it's own limit of a 60 seconds. Youtube varies depending on the genre of your videos which requires more research.

***Note, this is different than doing live broadcasts which have it's own value to contribute to your video portfolio. ***

To close, we want to encourage that you consider including more video in your regular social media content, even if it is as simple as animating your content. The name of the game is getting attention and if you can keep people thinking about you, the greater change you'll have of them doing (repeat) business with you.

If you happen to be a restaurant owner, check out our portfolio to give you a sample of what attention grabbing content we could create for you.


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