Upcoming Additions

While the title of this blog isn't the catchiest, I'm happy to announce that right now Chariot Media has a big project in the works. We'll be adding a members section to our site. There you'll able to access free resources to up your social media game. This was inspired by the fact we know there's a good number of restaurant owners out there who do their own social media, but struggle to make good content.

Content creation is the hill we will live and die on. Helping you do the best you can on your own until you're able to outsource it to someone like us is our main goal with this endeavor. Our current curriculum is to touch up on as many of the basics for social media & design as we can. We don't expect everyone to understand everything or become a master upon them first watching some of our videos we plan on creating for you, but we'll call it a success if you learn at least one (tiny) thing to start applying.

Secondly, we're playing around with a rework of our website to better serve you. Our main focus will be to get you as much information as possible and empower you to make a buying decision for our services. If any questions are to be asked, it'll be to fill in some small gaps.

So when can you expect to see these new changes rolled out? While there's no specific time table because we want to make sure everything is according to our specs, we are looking to have the website and at least one resource video made by the end of May.

With businesses starting to reopen slowly, we're trying to position ourselves to best help you during and after the recovery process.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the future of your social media, never hesitate to reach out.


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