The Importance of Hashtags

We know what you are probably thinking: "Using hashtags is pretty standard, why are you telling us about their importance?" Well, would you be surprised to know that there are plenty of accounts out there that still don't use hashtags? It's true!

If you're someone who doesn't use hashtags or doesn't use them that often, this blog post if for you.

So why is it important to use hashtags?

To start off, you want your post to be found and in turn, you want to be found. It is true that followers of your account will see your post in their feed, but even then, with an ever changing algorithm between all platforms, a smaller fraction are starting to see your content. For the sake of tailoring your feed to your interests, you only get to see a small portion of what kind of content you actually signed up for. Less than 10% of your content will be seen by your followers organically. The only way it can be seen by more people is if you increase the amount of followers you have or they share it with others.

The point of using a hashtag is to categorize your content among user's searches. This helps your chances of being found by new and potential followers.

There's a couple of tips we recommend when using hashtags:

1) Understand the most effective amount of hashtags to use on your platform, it varies per platform.

2) Create a list of relevant hashtags to your industry that allows the ability to be diverse with your options. Some experts have reported saying that using the same hashtags too often is marked as spam and your post suffers.

3) When creating your list of hashtags, have a variety of popularity. The more popular the hashtag, the harder it will be to get noticed on that hashtag. Slowly build your rank on less popular hashtags and work you way up.

In this day and age, everyone has a voice and it's becoming increasingly more difficult to get your voice heard. The name of the game is to find ways to maximize your attention. Besides having quality, attention grabbing, and relevant content, having the means to have that content found, like through hashtags, will help you achieve your social media goals.

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