Reflecting on 2019

Depending on who you are, you might say 2019 was a long year, feeling like it took us forever to finally get here. Others, like us at Chariot Media Marketing were surprised how quickly the year sped by.

This past year has seen many changes to social media and some changes which have been announced for next year. Some will pose its own unique set of challenges, while others will improve the quality of life and use experience moving forward. Overall, we'd say the biggest theme of changes has been concerning privacy and freedom of speech. Security is allegedly starting to tighten around user's data on platforms like Facebook, and we're starting to see newer speech conduct rules and guidelines be reformed like on Youtube and Instagram.

New guidelines for business activity are also changing to where engagements are becoming less traditional and more in line with the purpose of social media which is, surprise, to socialize! As we move into the new year, we look forward to creating and executing strategies that work with these new changes to help you thrive as a business.

So let's turn our attention to you, the restaurant owner. How was your 2019? How many of your goals did you accomplish? What is it that you look forward to doing in 2020? How will you hope to grow into a better place to provide a more spectacular dining experience?

Should you have an itch that only social media marketing can scratch, we recommend taking a look at our services. We want to use social media as a means to getting you the solution to your marketing problems.

We wish everyone well and a happy new year!


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