Public Perception of Restaurants Post-Corona

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize life after the corona-virus will be different. How, we can't 100% know for sure but it's not wrong to speculate that your average customer will become more germaphobic as a result. As a result, restaurants and other businesses will have to become more conscious about their cleanliness. We might even see a new wave of regulations passed in the future.

Additionally, we may see restaurants & other food establishments shift towards a more hands free dining operation. I recently found an article which reported China's been using QR codes to allow people to order and pay for food. Seemingly insignificant changes like that might make a business and break others. It's important that you, the business owner, are aware of such practices because they might benefit you and make you more profitable.

Now's the time to analyze what your restaurant can do better to be on tops of things being clean. It's also not enough to be clean, but it's now important to tell customers that you are (or are at least dedicated to being clean).

The health of workers will be taken more seriously from now on I think. As we all know, "don't come in if you're sick." is a common mantra, but it's also just as common for some businesses to punish employees for staying home for being sick (like being fired). Needless to say, businesses like that will probably receive a huge blow back when we get back to a normal economic state. New protections will be put in place to specifically benefit workers in these positions. It could happen.

Take some time during quarantine to figure out how you'll be changing the image of your business in the possibly inevitable perception change of restaurants. Be ahead of the curve. Cleanliness was just one example given for you to make changes to your public image. If you need ideas, do some research, find out what people are saying.

Something I've seen which I think it's a boldly effective move for some restaurants is to have an open kitchen. It allows the customers to see what people are doing to their food as they prepare it. Small things like that prove to have massive impacts on people's psychology. We will make it through this together. Changes will come, it may not be comfortable, but you'll find some of the new changes will only make your restaurants stronger.


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