Pain Points: Getting Attention on Social Media

Social media has grown massively over the past decade allowing anyone and everyone to have a voice. As such, there's so much more noise in our virtual space than ever before and it's not getting any quieter. So what is a business to do when you need to have your voice heard among the rest?

We'll explore some suggestions that you can start implementing today to increase your attention on social media.

1) Quality over Quantity

Getting attention is important, but we want to stress that when you say something, it's heard by those who actually matter to your business. So yes, try to reach as many people as possible, but make sure they are people which belong to your target audience.

2) Develop Your Own Unique Sounding Voice

Studies have proven that you could be in the middle of a large crowd and in the middle of all that white noise, you could still pick up the sound of your own name. Since social media is mainly visual, think of ways that you can add something to your content that is immediately recognizable by your audience to let them know it's your content. This could be including a border on all your pictures or videos, maybe just adding your logo to all your content as well can help. The key is to be consistent with it.

3) Create Content Your Competition Isn't

We can only speak from our experience of combing through countless restaurant social media accounts when we talk about this. It's been our observation that for the exception of very few accounts, all the content is just a picture of their food. The quality varies, but one thing that stands out to us (ironically) is that after a while, all these pages start to look the same. You could have two pictures of food next to each other and you wouldn't be able to tell which restaurant it belonged to. Beside including the suggestion above, we recommend creating more diverse content. Make a blog, make more videos, do a behind the scenes, etc.

4) Create a Visual Brand with Your Content

This is related to the second suggestion above, but while #2 refers to surface level aesthetics, this suggestion refers to the meat and potatoes of your content. The end goal of this suggestion is to have your content reflect your brand's identity. No one business is the same. They all have their own quirks that are seen by customers and some that are behind the scenes. Getting an adviser can help you spark ideas to generate unique content to share on your social media which no one can imitate because it's uniquely you.

5) Running Ads and Boosting Posts

All platforms have ways to reach larger audiences beyond your existing followers. Most have a "pick your price" capability. You'll also have the ability to target these posts toward people who are most likely to be interested in what you have to offer. This loops back around to suggestion #1: you want quality over quantity. If you can't serve the audience you are targeting, then it's not a good audience.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. We hope it has provided you with some valuable information and some ideas as to how to move forward starting today! We'll see you next time.


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