Facebook Page Templates

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A guide to setting up your Facebook page's template.

Making a Facebook page is easy to do, but many of us create one without asking if it's set up in a way which best serves my business! So let's take a look at what templates are available.

1. At the top right hand corner of your page, click the Settings button

2. You'll then be brought to this screen. Select Templates and Tabs on column on the left hand side.

3. In the orange box is the Current Template section, which tells you the template you're currently using. If your template matches your business' need, then you have nothing else to do. If your page is set to Default or otherwise incorrectly, click the Edit button which is circled to the left.

4. This window will pop up which you may scroll down to view the different templates. Each template has a description which tells you what purpose it's best suited for, the buttons you'll receive, and what tabs will be available to you (more on that later). Your currently used template will be the first one shown and will have a blue box which says Current.

5. When you have found a new template to use, click the View Details button and then Apply Template.

6. An additional window will pop up to confirm you want to make the changes. Select OK to complete changes. You'll also be informed of what changes will be made.

Buttons & Tabs

Buttons - Buttons encourage people to take actions that you've selected

Tabs - Tabs give you a space to feature your photos, business details and more

Buttons allow for a “call to action” (CTA). If you could have a person do one thing on your page, what would you have them do? To create a button, follow these steps.

1. From your page click the blue button which says Add Button.

2. A menu will pop giving you a selection of categories for your button. Click on the tabs to browse.

3. Select the button you want then click Next.

4. Fill in the required details as needed and select Finish.

5. To change the button, hover your mouse over the button and a drop down menu will appear. Select Edit Button.

6. The same menu from Step 2 will appear and you'll be able to go back to the menu of the other available buttons, then go through the process again to establish the newly selected button.

*You may have to hit the Back button a couple of times until you are on the first step.

Tabs allow you to fill your page with content. Here's some things you should know:

1. Depending on the template, your page comes with a specific set of default tabs.

2. You are allowed to reorder your tabs however you please (instructions below).

3. You may add tabs which are not part of the default set (instructions below).

Note: Only additional tabs may be hidden/removed; default tabs cannot.

To add new tabs, select the Add a Tab button at the bottom of your screen. To remove an added tab, click on Setting then click the slider which says ON to turn it off/remove it.

We're done! Thanks for reading and we hope this was of some value to you!


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