Covid-19's Impact on Restaurants & How You can Become a Hero

Coincidentally at the time of me writing this (as planned) Governor Edwards of Louisiana made the announcement that starting at midnight tonight, all bars and theaters are to shut down while restaurants are limited to carryout/drive-thru/curbside pickup/delivery or shut down as well.

This blog post was planned on being written today because it's about time I share with you how your favorite food places are being affected and what you can do to help them out in this time of uncertainty. Over the past couple of weeks I've seen countless pictures of empty dining areas and countless cries for help from restaurant owners across the US. The grip of the quarantine is slowly getting tighter and as a result, food places are suffering greatly.

While I can't predict the future, I don't think it's unreasonable to say that if things don't get better soon, many restaurants across the nation will disappear. So what can we do to support our local favorites?

1) Stay safe & healthy!

Keep a close eye on what is being required of us to minimize the risk of catching or spreading the covid-19 virus. Keep your going out minimal & brief, wash your hands, keep things sanitized, etc. You're no good as a deathly sick or dead patron.

2) Buy a bunch of giftcards

It's a tiny gesture but even buying $20/$50/$100 of gift cards will help cushion the blow they're facing right now. When the dust has settled, you've payed your celebratory meal forward!

3) Ask alternatives to obtaining their food

There's a number of alternatives to dining in. Ask your favorite place if they have an option for: carryout, delivery, curbside pickup, or drive-thru pickup. It keeps contact and crowding to a minimum and you still get to help support your favorite place in their time of need like the champ you are.

4) Express appreciation and encouragement

Keep in mind, it's not just the restaurant owners who are afraid of closing, but some of staff are probably afraid of losing their jobs as well! When you order your food, give everyone some words of encouragement and appreciation for keeping up the fight in this trying time. Let them you know have their back. Heck, go to their social media right now and blow up their feed with support!

On a final note, stay positive because we'll make it through this. Please share this with everyone you know. Let's show our favorite food places some love!


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