Boosting vs. Ads Creation

Facebook's algorithm is ever increasing the difficulty to reach a large number of people organically. That being said it's more important than ever to have an ad spending budget. So what are your options? Two ways:

1) Boosting a Post

2) Creating an Ad

What's the difference?

Boosting is when you convert a standard facebook post from your page into an ad. You have access to basic options like who your target audience is, your max budget, and how long to run your ad.

Creating an Ad is done through Facebook's Ads Manager. Here you have more tools to play with as well as more options, such as placement (where people see ad), ad objective, and other targeting tools.

If you're looking to give a post a little more reach and exposure on the fly and not care about too many details, boosting is the way to go. If you want more laser focused targeting and more control over the details, going through Ads Manager is the better option.

Boosting a Post

1.Select post you want to boost and click Boost Post button

2. This window will pop up. From there, fill in the details for the boosted post: Objective, Button (optional), Audience (use Edit to create a more customized audience), duration &

budget, and payment info.

3. Make sure the preview (as seen in the picture above to the right) looks good then click the Boost button at the bottom right. Note: You can't make changes once you boost post.

Create an Ad

1. There's 3 ways to start creating an ad, for the sake of simplicity, click on either Manage Promotions (Bottom left) or Ad Center (at top).

2. From this screen click the + Create Ad button.

3. This window will pop up. Select your ad objective.

4. This pop window will appear – similar in nature to the window for boosting a post, however you can control what you use for an ad (pic, video, slideshow) opposed to being locked into whatever content your boosted post was. Additionally, you can add text to your ad. You can also edit the ad at any time during it being run.

5. Fill in the details you want for your ad: Format, Audience, Duration & Budget, and Payment. Check the preview to the right. If all looks well, then click the Promote button.


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