Blog #7 FAQ: What Do We Do?

It's a legitimate question and we get it all the time. Over the course of that being asked this question we have come to realize even though we state we are social media marketers, our audience still doesn't have a grasp on what it actually is. Almost every time, we have a curious inquirer ask something along the lines "So it's SEO, right?". We are are to dispel that misconception. Social media marketing isn't Search Engine Optimization, however having an active presence on social media does help your search engine ranking. Before we hop into the meat of this blog post we would like to thank all those who mistook social media marketing for SEO because it helped us discover a common problem many business owners have: not being found when people search for them. This had led to us discovering our own identity and the core mission of what we do: We want people to find you and give you their attention.

Enough fluff, here we go. So to best explain what social media marketing is, we'd put it this way. Just like in the days of old when businesses used TV, radio, billboards, and the like to do their advertising, we use social media (primarily Facebook & Instagram) as our medium by which we generate content to advertise and to more importantly, engage with your target audience. The principles aren't much different, however the ways in which to can achieve the same fundamental goals are. At the end of the day, businesses want to be found, they want to be on people's minds, and they want that attention to be converted into a business transaction. Social media has made it more cost effective to reach a massive audience.

While it is true that social media marketing has become one of the best ways to market to people, there is one important point that you as a business owner must understand: these platforms are constantly changing and it's becoming more and more of a pay to play game. In the early days of social media, it was easier to get organic (non paid) traffic, however in the past number of years, we've seen social media platforms change all that. In today's environment, you need to know how to target your audience with content that will interest them, you need to have the budget to get it in front of their faces, and you can't be spammy about it. Social media marketing isn't the be all end all marketing tool, but it's currently the most popular tool.

This is where we step in. Based on the projected path social media is taking, we will work with you to create relevant content for your audience and help you get it in front of their faces. In an ideal situation, we will be creating content which keeps your company's name on their mind long enough to promp and business transaction. It can be done and having a frequent appearance in front of your audience can be a powerful tool. For example, our social media director went to the LSU vs. Texas A&M football game a couple of weeks ago with a friend. If you've ever been in any football stadium, you'll know how many sponsors have their brand name plastered on the wall or electronically on their jumbo-trons. McDonald's was one of the many sponsors that had their brand plastered around the stadium. By the end of the game, their friend stated they were hungry and were now craving McDonald's. Why? No matter where their head turned, the McDonald's logo was staring them right in the face. They not only had just enough of their logo around the stadium, but also in the right places to where it didn't come off as spammy, but just enough to be effective. Picture having that kind of influence on social media?

We want to help you be found, get attention, keep that attention, then convert it into a business transaction, or in our specific case a dining experience because we love and cater to our restaurants. Should you be interested, check out our ongoing services here, and if you want to chat, contact us here (scroll to bottom of home page).


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