5 User Friendly Tools for Content Creation

Adding a little something extra to your content can improve it enough to stand out to your audience. In this day and age when everyone has a voice and is making noise, it can be difficult to get your own voice heard. What's the solution to be noticed over your competition? Simple: get creative.

Below we recommend using these 5 tools that will give you some creative tools to make your content standout more!

1) Canva

Canva is a graphic design software that's free to use for your phone and desktop. There's a paid option to gain access to more content but the free version gives you more than you need to make great content. They offer a wide variety of templates for your designing needs ranging from social media post sizes to business cards.

2) Adobe Lightroom

This is out of the adobe suite and it's absolutely free for your mobile device. We can't all have pro style cameras that are able to take pictures with perfect lighting. Lightroom helps you adjust the light settings on your photo to enhance it to a professional level. You'd be surprised what lighting up or darkening a picture can do for its visual appeal.

3) Ripl

If you're limited on your ability to create video style content, Ripl is the software for you. All you need to do is upload the picture of your choice, then start adding the animated effects you want!

4) Giphy

Humor is a very powerful communication tool and keeping up with the memes can help keep you relevant. It may not seem like much, but being able to casually communicate using memes and gifs can increase your engagement among followers, but more importantly, it helps you stand out because you'll be communicating in a way no one else is communication. Giphy is a free online resource for gifs which you can draw on to throw some humor into your audience engagement.

5) InShot

This is a very versatile tool which allows for the creation of video content. You can start with an existing video to add some extras to it or use pictures. InShot is a must have if you're looking to create content which has plenty of special effects.


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