5 Catchy Content Ideas

Social media is a central hub where people gather to be entertained, share, and escape. The last thing they want is to be flooded with boring and irrelevant content, especially from businesses where they feel like they're being sold to.

Far too often content is just thrown out there but there is little to no intent behind it. The result? Nothing happens. The content might get a like, but it's not really going anywhere. So what do you do to boost the status of your content? Below we have five catchy content ideas that can help you get more than just a like.

1. Status Based Rewards

You've seen them in many forms, but the fact of the matter is, people like to feel special and set apart in some ways from their peers. A grade A way this has been practiced has been loyalty reward programs. This rewards regulars for being patrons and encourages non regulars to become regulars. Another form is to have limited time offers for your products or services. Maybe it's a special edition hat only being sold for the whole month of May. Get a little creative with this.

2. Instant Gratification Rewards

Let's face it, the average attention span keeps shrinking as the years go on. It's so easy to get things in a short amount of time. How could you play to that fact of life? Depending on your industry, find a way to reward others for doing business with you the second they complete a business transaction with you. Exchange a special reward in exchange for giving you free publicity on social media. The possibilities are endless.

3. Put a New Spin on Old or Typically Mundane Content

This can sometimes be a little tricky and takes some creativity. How can you take your product or service and present it in a way that is unorthodox but interesting? Play around with it. Let's use a classic example of how two everyday products come together to create something that gets people excited: Coke and Mentos. If you don't know where I'm going with this just bear with me. Separately, they are just common consumable items, but someone one day got bored and curious enough to see what extreme they could use these two items. The result, a carbonated explosion. See youtube videos for details.

4. Pairing Up

There's a number of things out there which have successfully paired themselves with other things. For example, I say peanut butter, you think jelly (hopefully). Whatever your product or service is, think of what it compliments and publicize what it compliments.

5. Breaking the Norm

This comes with a great word of caution. Breaking the norm can either help or hurt you so be smart about how you want to go about delivering a shock factor to your audience. So what can you do that breaks the norm of your industry? Go back to the P's of marketing: product, placement, price, and promotion. How could you turn the dials on any one of those things to radically change what you offer?

Content is still king, you'll still need to get and keep people's attention, but you need to give people a reason to keep you on their mind all the time. Should you ever need help with doing that, contact us here.


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